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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 26, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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connectivity, how people leave us matters and affects our grief. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: we are out of time, that is it for tonight. thank you for watching, head over to fox nation for a lot more interviews than the ones you just saw it, and we will be back over the holidays, we hope you have had the best time with the ones you love. merry christmas. ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to this special edition of "hannity," hope that you and your family had a very merry christmas. for the full hour we will highlight some of my best monologues from the past few months coming out first up, my monologue on elon musk exposing what his widespread suppression and censorship and election interference on twitter after the first twitter files dropped, take a look. our country is facing a crisis
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of confidence, most people have not connected the dots, the dire threat to the free and fair elections in the history of the united states is now coming from within. will explain it all, by coordinating with the dnc and big tech, top brass at our own fbi have been putting their thumbs on the scales of our elections now for years, the last two presidential elections in particular and the mob in the media are totally and completely complicit. throughout censorship and lying and disinformation, not vetting candidates, they all deliberately work hand-in-hand to help elect democrats all across the country, but thanks to several new investigations a handful of reporters and a guy by the name of elon musk, that's right, the billionaire, the full extent of this corruption is now beginning to come to light and tonight we are going to walk you through the step-by-step. it may seem complex, but it is also actually pretty simple. we will begin with elon musk
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after twitter's bombshell document dump on friday that was centered around the 2020 provide an censorship campaign will while elon musk said all of this in an open discussion on saturday over the weekend, take a listen. >> clearly if twitter is doing one teams bidding before an election, shutting down dissenting voices on a pivotal election, that is a very definition of election interference. of course, it's like, yes. >> sean: that would be election interference in the arm of the demagogic party, but it gets worse, apparently elon musk was not acting alone, many in the media mob were not being truthful to you, the american people, shocker, take a look. >> well, i think that those people should be looking in the mirror and on demand wondering why they were deceptive, why did they deceive the american public, and instead of trying to
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redirect blame, they should accept some responsibility themselves were not being truthful to the american public. >> sean: there is no doubt that many so-called journalists are downplaying the relationship because they were in fact complicit into a nurse censorship efforts in 2020 after twitter blocked any and all sharing of the hunter biden laptop report from "the new york post" and p.r. proudly announced that it would not be covering hunter's laptop from hell because we don't annoy stories on stories that are not really stories or stories that are just pure distractions, now council countless other journalists they falsely refer to the story as russian disinformation or hack material coming out this gave cover to twitter that was blocking the report without any legitimate reason according to newly released internal documents twitter block to the hunter biden story, the laptop story on the basis that it could be hack
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material and hack material policy. but that reportedly requires that law enforcement find evidence of a hack, that number have been, because the laptop was not hacked. it was hunter's laptop. and even admitted that it would not hold up according to one former employee, hacking was the excuse but within a few hours everyone realized that that was not going to hold, but no one had the guts to reverse. and twitter utilized a emergency tool only used for the removal of child pornography to block users from sharing the report even over private messages. now twitter officials also eagerly worked with the biden campaign to remove other objection posts, this internal document from october of 2020 features five lengths that the biden team want to remove, three hours later a twitter employee responded handle biggies, now keep in mind journalists
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reviewed these internal documents and to be clear, match in no way acting on behalf of the republicans. this scandal is not about conservative or liberal ideology, it is a story about what is systemic political bias, it is a story about censorship. it is a story about propaganda and misinformation and in big tip companies that are harming our country, and the next level of this is the own fbi's involvement, and makes it far worse and i will get to this in the second, will be on the hunter biden laptop scandal, take a look. >> all accounts requested to have things taken down by the dnc and the biden campaign even ones that have nothing to do with the hunter biden laptop, if they will also be released. >> releasing all the files, so it is not like anything -- this is like the truth and
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reconciliation, like nelson mandela would say if you want reconciliation, there has to be truth. >> sean: additional documents are forthcoming and we can expect more of the same man according to tyee b, almost all of twitter censorship favored the democratic party, that's because in part almost everyone that worked at twitter was a hard-core liberal democrat. in 2020 over 90% of political donations from twitter employees went to democrats, now this year that number was up to 99.73%, nearly 100%. and that brings us to one former twitter employee in particular, his name you have heard before, james baker. you might recall in 2020 he was working as twitter's deputy general counsel and at the time advised twitter staff that it was reasonable to assume that the hunter biden story is a product of hack material and urged "caution." but back in 2016 he was with the fbi. and he was a top legal adviser
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for the fbi and then baker threw all caution to the wind and reportedly disseminated hillary clinton's dirty disinformation russian dossier to the entire media. this is the same dirty dossier put together by ex-foreign spy at christopher steele. on behalf of the dnc and the clinton campaign, he could not be cooperated or verified even after the fbi offered $1 million in early october of 2016 to back up anything in the salacious claims, now that's because the dossier was made up as a farce, unverified and unfair viable -- verifiable, still to the brim with russian disinformation or bartok as they called it, but that did not stop the fbi from using the dossier on four separate fisa warrants to gain access to the trump campaign. their transition team and the trump white house even after they cannot cooperate and collect the million dollars,
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even after dan janco said that it was false and said it was bartok, they still lied and said it was something it was not, said it was verified, they sign their name to it, what you think would have been any of you if you lied to a judge in the court of law? think about this, the fbi committed fraud and did it knowingly with a fake document to spy on a candidate and then a president, but in 2020 they seemingly made no effort to investigate a laptop that they had had for 11 long months. that impact not only implicated hunter biden, but now the president and then candidate to joe biden and a variety of serious pay to play schemes, then on april 28th 2021 when the fbi raided rudy giuliani's residence for whatever reason they did not take his copy of the hunter biden hard drive even though he offered it to them. they said they did not want it, that's because they already had possession of the laptop for nearly a year before the election. and it was handed over by the
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computer a para-john paul macisaac, handed over by the computer repair guy who gave it to them. he will join us in a few moments. the fbi had plenty of time to cooperate in that 11 month period of time, the authenticity of the laptop and the information on the hard drive, the crimes that are obviously committed on that laptop, and they did nothing. instead they heavily suggested the laptop scandal was a part of a russian disinformation campaign. now here's where the fbi's involvement most people have not put this together gets very serious. now we know and now we have learned that the fbi as reported by fox news met with twitter and other big tech company is weekly in the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election, in fact, we are now learning that fbi met with twitter and other companies and the head of a site integrity, many of these meetings involve warnings about "hack and leak" operations by
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state actors with some involving hunter biden lately in october. and testified that the bureau use these meetings to lobby social media platforms to change their terms of service and then censor content. now clearly, the upper echelon of the fbi putting their fingers on the scale and did it in 2016, they did it again in 2020. can we know that the laptop was very real and had all of his emails, all of its videos doing drugs and hanging out with women of the evening, shall we call them and how joe biden was directly implicated and involved in his son's shady international business deals, take a look. >> to another key figure in the impeachment story, joe biden and son hunter, during his father's time as vice president are drawing new scrutiny to you. >> joe biden himself and two of his family members, his son hunter biden and his brother
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james biden have received millions of dollars from politically connected chinese interests. and i remember looking at jim biden then saying how are you getting away with this? aren't you concerned? and he looked at me and laughed a little bit and said plausible deniability. >> 82013 trip to china getting new attention this morning not for what joe biden did, but for who he brought with him. his son hunter joining the then vice president on the official visit to beijing. >> we have one email back on mas writing this is actually james gaylor, don't mention joe being involved, it's only when you are face to face. i know that you know that, but they are paranoid. >> unknown to the press, hunter biden forming a chinese private equity fund planning to raise money including from chinese investors, years later hunter biden acknowledge that during the trip he met with a chinese banker that was described as a
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social visit, not a business one. to speak of the real conspiracy was the democrats big tech, big media keeping a story from the american people just days before the most important election we have. the election for president on the united states, who is going to be the commander-in-chief and you have a family involved with all kinds of foreign business interests and we don't get to hear that story. >> sean: still no consequences for hunter and no investigation into joe. no early-morning raids, no process crimes connected in any one in's orbit at all, and just like there was no search warrant or charges or consequences for hillary clinton when she mishandled top secret classified information, no prosecutor we were told would prosecute. forgive me if i am cynical and roll my eyes when they raided mar-a-lago looking for top secret classified information or accuse donald trump of collusion, no prosecutors ever prosecute all of these things because, what? he is a republican and not a democrat? do we have a two tiered system
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of justice? it looks like we do. the fbi, the dnc, the big tech, the media mob must all be held accountable before our wonderful american republic is ruined forever. and coming up, my monologue on what the g.o.p. needs to do to win in 2024. straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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sickle musical >> welcome to "fox news live" i am jackie bonnie is in new york, leaving communities paralyzed from coast to coast, the storm is blamed for more than 50 deaths. rescue and recovery efforts continue tonight, few states were able to dodge natures very homing millions of americans with accommodations of blizzards, record low
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temperatures and rainfall, piles of snow in some parts are preventing emergency crews from reaching the residence needed in the fridge or homes. russian forces showed no mercy to ukraine this chris went, shelling the partially occupied had done that sick region with a deadly barrage of missiles. the foreign minister says his nation once u.n. summit to end the war, but he does not anticipate russia taking part. he says that russia must face a war crimes tribunal before his country talks with moscow. i am jackie, now back to the "hannity" special. >> sean: here is my monologue on the midterm election results and what republicans now need to learn from 2022 and do better in 2024. raphael warnock's win in georgia last night does not mean that it is time to have a pity party or it is time to whine and complain, i started out in radio in 1987, ronald reagan was president, during that period of
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time, bill clinton became president, barack obama became president, now we have joey, so there are ups and downs of political cycles, first there is good news, when in the house is huge as republicans will be able to govern with the same majority that nancy pelosi did in the most recent congress. that is huge. republicans will control committees. they will control to limit control the power of first and subpoena, that means that if they hold together, a big "if" i guess, the ability to hold them accountable on the border on big tech company is on political interference in our elections and corruption, that means that the fbi, the doj, that means hunter and the president joe biden himself will all be investigated rightly so it has been long overdue. but first, we do need to ask and look at this objectively. what did last night tell us? what can we learn from it? if you are a football team and you go in at halftime and some limes those sideline reporter will say what you want to talk
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about with your team? now we have to figure out how to stop their run game and get the offense moving better, they make adjustments and come out on the field and hopefully they have a better second half. this entire midterm cycle, what did that tell us? it's time for republicans to start paying more attention and embracing the voting system that we had and not the one that they wish they had. they need to accept the rules as they are coming out as they want him to be. and then after they win governorships and after they win state legislatures, than they can change laws over time and add all of the integrity measures for elections that they want and put it in the process of our elections, but that means that they need to play what is the early voting game. the ballot harvesting game, they need to do it well if not better than the democrats all legally of course and i will explain that, they can't talk about every election day down on
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hundreds of thousands of votes, estimated yesterday when voting started in georgia that herschel walker, because of early voting, mail in in georgia that he went into yesterday's election down 200-250000 votes, that is insane. there is a reluctance and resistance of republicans to vote by mail or to vote early. so if you take a step back and you take a glimpse into how the system currently stands, they are currently 15 states and washington, d.c., they don't even have voter i.d. laws even key states like pennsylvania, nevada, new york, new jersey, then there are dozens of states that have some form of legalized ballot harvesting meaning that any third party can come and pick up your ballot for you and then states like california, nevada, and others, they just sent out a ballot to every voter on their voter rolls whether they request one or not, this is the system. this is the current reality, do i think that it is the best system? no, i think it is bad.
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now democrats have embraced the system, republicans have not to their own detriment. they have ignored this reality. look, i've been very clear, in my world, in a hannity-perfect world if i laid out what would have the most integrity and everybody would have confidence in the results of elections when republicans win at gubernatorial races and state legislatures i would make made a national holiday in paper ballots only and have partisan observers, people from every party that would watch of the voting in every precinct and the vote counting after the polls close up close and personal, every state should require signature verification, voter i.d., chain of custody controls, updated voter rolls, but like i said right now what we need to do his work in the system as it exists, because democrats are playing a very different game on election day and the days leading up to election day, the republicans are. democrats are not as interested in the quality of a candidate or
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holding rallies or exciting voters or kissing babies or shaking hands. no, democrats are hiding. they are avoiding debates, they are avoiding their adoring media fans. they are raising hundreds of millions of dollars and using those on negative ads against republicans and most importantly they are playing, they are not playing a let's get a votes game, they are playing a ballots game. democrats are only interested in getting their hands on enough ballots that they believe will put them over the top to win and election. that means big ballot harvesting operations, that means big early voting numbers. that means big mail-in ballots for democrats and a huge disadvantage for republicans. it is obvious. yesterday's great case in point, down over 200,000 votes before that even started. this new piece from axios' laying out how thousands of georgians who were paid to bring up warnock just in conversations
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with friends and family and get them to vote for the far left senator. for a tactic that is known as relational organizing used by democrats across many different races in this election cycle is but another example of how republicans not only are playing catch up, but they are running elections on an old and outdated, imagine this is my iphone 1.0 version of elections and democrats over here, they have a 10.0 version of elections. and republicans need to catch up and build out a 14.0 election model, republicans can't just accept that they are going to be down bed on election day and try to make it all back up on election day voting, that's just not going to work. it is too steep of a hill to climb. the g.o.p. can't just totally seed early voting, mail-in voting in the democrats and put themselves into one deep hole after another. look at the state of florida for example, there voting system was a complete utter total mess,
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remember that 2020 elections handing, swinging, dented perforated chads, et cetera. they fixed that system. i don't think that anybody can say with any confidence that it was only 537 votes that was the difference in the race, but at some point the supreme court to wade in and that was the end of that. but now they fix their system. they put integrity measures in their system. now florida has one of the best voting systems in the entire country and by the way, republicans in florida, they have embraced voting early. republicans in florida have embraced voting by mail. every voter has to have a voter i.d., signature verification is required. whenever the democrats are doing with early voting, republicans need to at least match it in these other states. like arizona, like georgia, like pennsylvania, lake michigan. in some cases they do need better candidates. i will give you one example not to pick on pennsylvania
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gubernatorial candidate doug, but you look at his position on abortion and he had no exception for rape, incest, a mother's life. it is mathematically impossible, a bad candidate for that race and it had impact on the entire republican ticket. now i have confidence that with the right to leadership, republicans can get this done. and win leaves swing state seats in 2024. but it is not easy, but it is doable. now also remember there is another major part to all of this, i think i am the only one talking about it, calling it accelerated migration that refers to republicans fed up with far left failures and blue states and seeking refuge in states like florida, the carolinas, texas, tennessee, et cetera sick of high taxes and sick of high costs and burdens of bureaucracy.
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they don't like high crime, they are tired of schools being shut down, covid mandates being shoved down their throat, they want in school learning for their kids. they want a better quality of life, they want to keep more of their hard-earned money, and by the way, they would prefer the warmer weather especially with more and more baby boomers that are retiring. and they are now moving in droves to read states. now look at your screen, look at the u-haul index, it costs nearly three times as much to go from california to texas. foreground coming want to go from san francisco to dallas, for grand coming want to go from dallas to san francisco? you are doing u-haul a favor, only $1400. that speaks volumes, doesn't it? anyway americans are voting with their feet, and going through far less states day after day and the people that tend to be leaving in a lot of the states are conservative. a lot of people moving to florida have about 800 new residents a day. it is great. the weather is great.
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the economy grows. the prosperity as they are. and thus to get stronger and stronger and stronger. as states in the midwest like michigan, wisconsin are getting weaker. pennsylvania, weaker. new york, new jersey, weaker. california weaker. guess what, that means those states have less conservatives. what does that mean for a presidential year? though states that were hard to win already are going to be harder. then you have states like nevada and arizona sadly for them, they are doing well in terms of population influx, however a lot of those people are from california and the vast majority of them happen to be liberal. they generally tend to be more left wing, so it makes so states even harder to win for republicans. here's the point. this may all seem very complicated and it is going to take deliberate and well-thought-out strategies and it's why republicans need to have a sense of urgency now before the election in nove
6:29 pm
november 2024, especially when it comes to the issue of perfecting the ground game come perfecting the ballot game, embracing early voting and mail-in voting, and legal ballot harvesting and start winning these close elections and out to the democrats at their own game. and coming up, my monologue on joe biden's disaster at the border, that is coming up straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> sean: so by the order shoulder implement open border agenda is causing a crisis on the southern border, here are a couple of my monologue's explaining why. we begin with a new record for tthe biden administration, this year i guess it's time to celebrate if you are pro-open borders, because for the first time in u.s. history, we have
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now reported over 2 million illegal immigrant crossings at our southern border breaking by the way last year's record high of 1.7 million. in other words after bowing to address the root causes of mass illegal immigration, well, in appointing his vice president as borders are, the crisis has become even worse then you can believe. and now apparently kamala harris only a trip to the southern border which was not where things were happening, just a quick trip through el paso just your, that was not enough to put this in perspective, more illegal immigrants were now pouring across this border than at the time of this studio, take a look at this video, dear however this video, that shows thousands in these makeshift camps under a bridge in del rio, may be martha's vineyard could set up a few areas and that beautiful ireland -- island for people who need help, so open-minded and believe and sing were a status and have to sign all over the place that says we welcome immigrants.
6:35 pm
but now joe biden is dispersing illegal immigrants all over the country and has been doing this very year and have come at 2:00 a.m., 3:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m. in the morning, secret bites, secret bus rides or is jen psaki used to call them, early morning flights while at the same time refusing to even admit that we have a problem. joe seems to think that he is owed some kind of mulligan because the latest wave of illegals are coming from venezuela and not to mexico. this is what joe said. >> on the border, why is the border more overwhelmed under your watch? >> because there are three countries that -- there are fewer immigrants coming from central america then from mexico, this is a totally different circumstance. >> sean: totally different, wide open borders still getting in, reports now from breitbart saying venezuela is literally emptying their prison population and sending them to joe biden's wide open borders. now biotin is always more happy
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to provide excuses, but here is what he will not tell you. this year alone, another record, 78 individuals on the fbi's terrorist screening database were apprehended at our southern border. that is triple the previous record. meanwhile record fentanyl seizures at the border continue despite, it is now the number one killer of young americans claiming a new victim every 5 minutes. a record number of migrants over the border are also dying, they are drowning in the rio grande every single week, some get lost in the desert and died from thirst and heat exhaustion, others are killed by human traffickers and some of the cartels, they are also large numbers of reported rapes including young children. to the local funeral home has been operating at triple their capacity, stacking bodies on top of bodies and freezers, housing others in a storage facility that was once used for covid
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treatments, this facility typically performs 300 funerals a year, but is now receiving up to 20 dead illegal immigrants every single week. this is now a real humanitarian crisis. look at your screen, the situation is so bad that maverick county and now burying many of these migrants in grays marked coming can see right there with pvc pipes, but none of america's virtuous and compassionate democrats really seem to care, because it is not in their backyard. they only care about the people that went to martha's vineyard. instead furious to governor desantis on the capacity to fly them to martha's vineyard, the liberal safe haven that it is with another rumored upcoming flight to delaware near joe biden's beach house. i think that's a great idea. now attorneys from boston, now a ten minute filing action against ron desantis. i say that's great, because in every state can turn around and sue joe biden, kamala harris, and has a administration for
6:38 pm
number one shredding the constitution, not enforcing the laws in the land, aiding and abetting lawbreaking, and by the way, being involved in human trafficking and he has done this for the last year and a half. but no one on the left at saying a single thing about the bodies that are stacking up in funeral homes in texas, there is no legal action against the biden administration for the hundreds of migrants sleeping on the streets of el paso. there is no outrage over the dozens of early morning flights dispersing illegal immigrants by the biden administration. none whatsoever, and now, by the way, 2 million border crossings and counting on the borders are, your vice president kamala harris cannot be bothered to talk about the crisis. so is anyone convinced that democrats will future flows of illegal immigration? is there any evidence of that overall? have they proposed any kind of solution at our southern border? were they inherited was a secure border, how was the borders are kamala harris doing? what about homeland security
6:39 pm
secretary my orca's, what is he doing to help? what on earth is he up to, because he definitely is not securing the homeland at our southern border, our country is at risk because of what is a clear dereliction of duty. lemming sling would have been, is that the wide open borders, the process, they release them into the country and give them preferential treatment, because they don't have a vaccine mandate, they don't even have a covid test. there is no background check when people come from. whether they have radical associations were not, then they get their free joe biden phone, then they get transported in the dark of night to to some obscure airport around the country and from there, well, you take care of their housing and their food in their health care and education of the kids and et cetera. look at the number of americans now that are dying, record numbers pouring in from mexico, 90% of heroin from that southern border, the cartels are emboldened, now making more money than ever, human
6:40 pm
trafficking, sex trafficking is rampant, nearly 100 individuals on the terror watch list have been apprehended trying to cross. and we have no idea how many were not apprehended. that would mean terror cells are trying to get into this country to bring our country harm. to bring your family's harm, yet this administration, i'm not sure exactly how they sleep at night knowing that this is their sheer incompetence and malfeasance. we turn our attention to the southern border tonight, can someone may be pretty please with sugar on top let the white house know that a monumental catastrophe is now unfolding. it is a national security crisis of epic proportions for two street two years under the biden administration, illegal crossings has reached a record high on top of last year's record high. this year arezzo on the southern border has now topped over 2 million for the first time ever and is about to get
6:41 pm
dramatically worse, next week on december the 21st, title 42 will come to an end, now that is a measure enacted by president trump and enables of federal government to quickly expel illegal immigrants because a public health risks. soon the process of deporting those who break our laws and don't respect our borders or sovereignty will be long, it will be complex, if not impossible. in a matter of days, by the way, not only will the border continue to be wide open, but the government will also be unable to deport illegal immigrants in a timely matter or not that joe biden is doing that anyway. our naturally many are worried that this will cause a migrant surge unlike anything we have ever seen before. and two year since joe biden has become president we will have allowed and whopping 4-5 million illegal immigrants in this country, zero vetting at all whatsoever, and even this year with the little that we do, we
6:42 pm
found 100 people on the terrorist watch list. yesterday even far left governor gavin newsom tried to down the border and he declared that america's immigration system is about to collapse. interesting by the way that he is complaining that state facilities are at capacity and continued "to the fact is what we've got right now is not working and is about to break in a post-42 world unless we take some responsibility and some ownership." i think it is way past time for you to take some ownership, gavin, mr. presidential want to be, mr. sanctuary state. look at this report from the immigration and customs enforcement as it is entitled dangerous california sanctuary policy leaving three victims in wake of fatal shooting. are you reading in your own newspaper? take a look. a repeat illegal immigrant and longtime criminal was shielded from deportation by the l.a.p.d., then went on to murder
6:43 pm
a woman in the presence of her 3-year-old daughter. there are countless other cases just like this, just like all across the country, all across the state of california. in gavin newsom has never once spoken out about his states sanctuary policies, because gavin loves his sanctuary state and california has 11 major sanctuary cities. now the message they are sending to illegal immigrants from california for gavin newsom and his fellow democrats are come to california, you are not going to be deported for any reason at all whatsoever. and not only will you not be deported, but california actually hands out cash to illegal immigrants in addition to paying their health care in addition to paying their housing. it is no wonder illegals are flopping across the border and going to california in droves, if you are an illegal immigrant my advice is go straight to california. you will have everything paid for courtesy of gavin newsom. look at your screen, every
6:44 pm
single week more and more illegal crossings are jamming the immigration system and preventing ice from checking trackers, criminals, drug dealers, people bringing heroin, fenton all now pouring across the country undetected and tonight it's one the only countermeasures to the border crisis is trading at another potential crisis in the process, apparently it's planning to take scores of u.s. air marshals out of the sky and send them to the southern border to help process all of the illegal immigrants coming in. now that plan would reportedly now strip 99% of commercial flights from having any federal protection, no more air marshals when you are flying. so joe biden is planning to sacrifice your safety in the sky and for what? a couple of thousand u.s. air marshals that are not going to be preventing too much illegal immigrants that they are allowing into the country. so really what is it going to
6:45 pm
take for the biden administration to secure the border? how many more people have to die? how many more drugs will pour across the border. how many people will die from drug overdoses? how much more human trafficking is too much human trafficking for t the biden white house? mark my words in a short time when title 42 ends, this process will spiral even more out of control. in coming up... my monologue on joe biden's blunders straight ahead. ♪ ♪ refund, even if you got ppp and it only takes eight minutes to qualify. i went on their website, uploaded everything, and i was blown away by what they could do. has helped businesses get over a billion dollars and we can help your business too. qualify your business for a big refund in eight minutes. go to to get started. powered by innovation refunds.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: every day there is a new blunder from the biden-paris administration and i address this recently in a monologue. >> we have shown you on this program a night after night, your president, the president of the united states of america joe biden is not well. he is weak, he has frail,
6:50 pm
frankly decrepit, he is deteriorating cognitively at a pretty rapid pace and he has not fit to be the commander-in-chief coming yesterday, frankly, may have been joe biden's lowest moment yet which is kind of saying a lot during a white house advance on combating hunger which honor the late indiana congresswoman jackie walorski of joe biden called out for the deceased congresswoman at one point said, where is jackie? i wonder where she was, where she was seated in the audience. take a look. >> i want to thank all of you here for including bipartisan officials like senator braun, senator booker, representative jackie, are you here? where is jackie? to help make this a reality. >> sean: cory booker? and where is jackie? not funny, sadly this may have been one of joe's most
6:51 pm
disturbing moments and that's again saying a lot, remember at the time of her death, joe biden ordered flags to be released at half mast, an a tribute to the long serving lawmaker, and then apparently forgot ruining what would have been a moving and heartfelt tribute which is what it was supposed to be in the white house, they tried to play defense for biden that ended up making it just worse, and here's the press secretary rambling on and on and on and it's pretty bad. >> what happened in the hunger event today where the president looked around to the room for a member of congress who passed away last month and seem to indicate she might be in the room. >> so the president was as you all know, you guys were watching today's event, very important events on food, the president was naming the congressional champions on this issue. >> he said jackie are you here? where is jackie, she must not be here. >> i totally understand, she was
6:52 pm
on top of mind. >> trying to get my head around the response, if the late congressman was top of mind for the president and her family was expected to be here, why was he looking for her? i'm not trying to be snarky. >> and again, i think people can understand. >> can we talk about congresswoman walorski? >> i'm not sure why. >> biopsy is top of mind does the president think that she is living in the room. >> i don't find that can be using. >> sean: why the liberal media mob would speak against me pointing out the obvious, because they also what we were saw -- we saw, we were the only ones brave enough to see it. and why couldn't the biden at -- biden white house just omit the error, little transparent with you, the american people? we arty know it's because they know the president is a cognitive wreck, and they are
6:53 pm
the enablers that are covering for him. they know that he is not fit to serve. that's why they hide him. that's why he does less than one vent on average per day. that's why he is at the beach all the time. god only knows how many times he is releasing doctors. and they know with each passing day he is going from bad to worse in every way imaginable. worse on policy, works on stamina, worse on energy, worse on every front, but the unquestioning allies in the mob and the media did not think it was that big of deal, but maybe we need to ask a question or two, here is how the ladies at the hard-hitting news show "the view" regarded his remarks. listen specifically to joyless behar. >> she passed last month, not like 100 years ago. okay? >> i think what it really shows is that this country is so ageist, this country has a
6:54 pm
problem with age. you go to other countries and elders are revered, because of the knowledge that they have acquired. and this is a man who has worked in government his entire life. >> sean: ageless -- ageist, we must joyless. he forget -- appeared to forget the name of his own fema administrator, and wandered off, shaking doing that usual thing that he does that is very awkward and embarrassing. but unfortunately, his vice president, she is not doing a lot better, because again today, another word salad found a way to let's say embarrass the entire u.s. on the world stage. she was visiting the dmz proclaiming that america had an alliance with north korea korea, little of rocket man, kim jong un. >> so the united states shares a very important relationship which is an alliance with the
6:55 pm
republic of north korea, and it is an alliance that a strong and enduring, and today there were several demonstrations of just that point. >> sean: the blunders for the white house did not stop there, the vice president had this awkward moments while observing the dmz, does she know anything about world events, history, where she is, what she is doing, who she is talking to? take a look. >> there is something to be with your own eyes. and it is so close. >> it is 50 meters away, ma'am. >> that's it, that's it. >> sean: there you have it, america, these are the far left failures that are running your country. more of the special edition of "hannity" right after this. ♪ ♪
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